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  1. yoshiking

    Can someone provide .stp or .stl files?

    If possible both will be helpful. Thank you for your help
  2. I can’t convert Solidworks format into .stp or .stl. I want to make my own device but I need the 75c board 3d file in above format
  3. yoshiking

    Questions about battery and software

    Thank you Vaping Bad! I am satisfied now! Thanks for spending time to answer the questions.
  4. yoshiking

    Questions about battery and software

    Thanks for the quick response Vapong Bad I understand what voltage sag is... my questions are not troubleshoot questions. They are questions to understand how evolv board function. On device monitor, I can see that the difference between a brand new battery and an year old battery regarding voltage drop. Also, I don’t think minimum soft cell cut off is 2.75v for lithium batteries as you mentioned, because I currently have the setting at 2.5v and can see the board giving me check battery warning at 2.5v under load (on device monitor). You have answered to question #5 -> all different builds(coil resistance) have same amount of voltage drop if they have the same watt setting on device. Could you answer questions #1~4?
  5. Regarding lithium ion battery set up 1. Operating minmum voltage of evolv board: Spec sheet says 3.0v. Does this mean board shuts off if battery resting voltage is 3.0v or display check battery message? 2. Weak battery: Spec sheet says it will display this message when battery needs to be charged or requires you to use higher amp rated batteries. Is this determined by measuring voltage sag of the battery? Using some form of thermister to monitor battery temperature? I would like to know actual process in triggering this message 3. Check Battery: Pretty much same question as #2. Spec sheet says it will display this message if battery is deeply discharged, needs to be charged or if it is damaged. How does evolv board determine this? By monitoring voltage sag? Temperature? Etc. 4. Soft cell cut off: what is the minimum that you can set? For example if I set to 0.1v will evolv board let me fire the device until it hits that mark? Or is there some automatic protection/prevention trigger system? Yes I know that voltage is not possible, I’m just making a big exaggeration to make my question more clear. 5. Relationship between voltage, amp, and sag: Not really a question for evolv but just curious if anybody can answer. There were two identical batteries, and I am trying to push x amount of watts on both of them. Which of below set up would result in lower voltage sag? One with higher resistance, thus requiring higher voltage and less amperage or one with lower resistance, thus requiring lower voltage but high amperage It will be best if someone can summarize relationship of voltage sag to discharge voltage and amperage
  6. yoshiking

    Problem after calibrating my dna75

    It was working fine for a month. Even right before making the changes. It's a DNA75 squonk mod made by Philippine modder called Li-mo. I just wanted to calibrate the mod for better battery efficiency. Original modder setting:Cell soft cut-off : 2vMod resistance : 0 ohmsThe board turns on and fires, but it will keep reading ohm as 0.01 ohm.. even when there's no atty. I do not see any "shorted" or "no atomizer" messages either.
  7. yoshiking

    Problem after calibrating my dna75

    I was trying to calibrate my DNA75 device, and after the calibration I have come up across a problem. Here's a run of what I have done.1. Mod resistance calibration. Came out to be 0.004 -> uploaded2. Battery analyzer. Fully charged HG2, soft cell cutoff at 2.5V, battery analysis at 30W -> saved and uploadedNow, after disconnecting from escribe and replacing the battery, 1. It first read the ohms, but started fluctuating. 2. I took off the atty and adjusted 510 (510 pin is adjustable by using screwdriver)3. It is making solid connection, but the ohms read 0.01.4. When I take off the atty, the ohms will still read 0.01. I can even fire the mod. Wattage will go up very slightly then say "Ohms too low" There's no short in the atomizer. Can someone help me diagnose this issue? I can send it back to modder, but the shipping cost is huge (overseas).