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  1. I was using it when suddenly the cursor started to run along the screen, I cleaned the 510, contacts, etc, tried a soft and hard reboot, tried after that a restore defaults, service pack as well, nothing works, now it is locked in the first screen, I press five times the button and it does not work, and if I try something else it gives eeprom prommaming failedThanks if you anyone could helpMax
  2. vaperneto

    Hcigar vt75d acting weird

    Had the same problem. there are three pins at the bottom to fit in the battery, some batteries does not fit very well. A sandpaper to lower the pins and you are good to go with any battery. Cheers
  3. It is not always, sometimes when I have to wake it up
  4. Hi James, Firm 1.1 SP38 INT Thanks
  5. SP19 INT, Lost Vape Triade 250c, Error Press Up still happening
  6. Thanks Frank, The way I see in Escribe is that you should choose either punch or Temp to tweak, ie, if you choose one the other should be disabled. I might be wrong but anyway have a look and think about it
  7. Hi Frank, first of all thanks for the great theme. I just upload the 2.86 version and was playing with pre-heat with a SS coil and profile. Now when we change either temp or punch in the pre heat screen both change, for example, if punch 6, temp 183C, punch7, temp 191C. Is that right? they should be linked this way? Thanks