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So how do these new color boards work? or Where's the select button?

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So similar to the other 3 button colour boards, these 2 button boards offer the same functionality as the 3 buttons. And full theme designer (board appropriate) functionality.

With only a fire button and 2 others (not 3), the fire button does double duty as ‘fire’ or ‘select’. 

Using the up/down, you move around to the field you want to change, and while it's still highlighted, hit the fire button (now acting as a 'select'), make changes, then fire button again or let it time out. So, NO highlight = 'FIRE'. Highlighted field = 'SELECT'

Toggles such as replay on/off, highlight the item then fire button

The DNA60C shares the same physical footprint as the DNA60. 
The button layout is the same.
The DNA60C screen is similar but different. It still has the same 4:1 ratio in pixels
   DNA60 is (128 wide by 32 high)
   DNA60C is (160 wide by 40 high)

The NEW Evolv 2A USBC (Or the 1A micro) charging/data board can be used for escribe access.

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