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Escribe will not connect to any of my mods.

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I have the latest Escribe downloaded and installed, but I have tried every one of my mods and none of them will connect to Escribe. I have used several different ubs ports, several different usb cables, and nothing seems to work. I think there has to be a driver or something that I'm missing. Please help.


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Have you ever used escribe on this PC before?
What mod?
OS version?
Just what Service Pack did you download?

I'm a Mac guy, but these are usual steps taken
Reboot PC. Use a known data cable (like for your phone), if you can plug directly into PC (not a hub). 

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A long time ago I did use Escribe on this computer, but never really dived into it. I've tried my SQEVO, Pulse V3, and many other mods and the software does not see that they are connected. I'm using windows 10. I downloaded Escribe from the Elvolv site, the windows english version

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