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DNA 250C Screen inverted colors

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hello, i have a problem with the DNA 250c. the colors are inverted, I immediately say that the theme, etc. are original. I flash a new system but it didn't help either. I read topic on the forum and someone said to set the screen type in escribe but I don't see this option. pls help 

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Using escribe on your PC, For the MOD tab to appear - Options (menu bar) -> User Interface -> Manufacturer
Then choose 'Mechanical' -> 'Screen Type'
There are 3 choices. Change to a different one. Then 'upload settings to mod'. If that doesn't fix it, try the last option.

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Just checked on my 250C with the latest firmware, you're right. I could have sworn it was there.

Go under 'Help' Backups, and load an early backup should fix it.

Or, You might want to try an earlier firmware or two to see if it's there, update your mod, then re-install the latest. OR you can open a Help Desk ticket and wait for a fix.

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