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Brand new DNA250C board USB charging problems


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Hello. I have a Lost Vape Triade DNA250C for the last 2 years.

Tough kind of a mod exactly like how i like it (searched the whole web just to find one long after they stopped production).

After 3 years it started having problems, dying randomly (turned out to be a completely broken solder joint in the positive 3S connection on the battery terminal side), and somehow it would still function and draw 70-80W but it caused the DNA board to die.

I ordered a new DNA250C board and replaced it exactly like how the original was:









However now i have an issue. USB charging will not work. It tries to charge (4 long red pulses then green) but after 5 seconds it stops.

Using the monitor here is with USB charging enabled (top photo) and disabled (bottom photo)




My guess is that one of the balance wires/connection is bad, but during my inspection and from the voltage monitoring they seem good. Any idea on what might be causing this and/or how to troubleshoot it?

From what i've seen could be a faulty Texas Instruments charging chip. In that case can i get a replacement? Bought from an Evolv vendor in Germany.

Kind regards

edit: Also note that i never use USB charging, only when i am in a stranded kind of situation, so for me it's an important feature.

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