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My Thelema Solo DNA 100C doesn 't see atomizer...


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With any atomizer, telema writes that there is ''no atomizer''. While the same atomizers are defined on other devices. Thelema is only 2 days old, she was not subjected to mechanical influences and did not fall. In the EScribe I changed only the theme and the time format. And after that the error there is no atomizer.

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16 часов назад, Wayneo сказал:

Что ж, я вижу два варианта. Проверьте подключение разъема 510 и платы или верните его на место покупки.

РЕДАКТИРОВАТЬ: После удаления атомайзера вы можете нажать на 510 в моде, и вы увидите, как он движется вниз и обратно вверх?

In general, I disassembled the mod. And what I saw inside disappointed me. One contact went away, as if it burned out. And also rust was found inside. Thelema is only 2 days old, did not fall, was not filled with liquid. There was no smell of burning and heating




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That is pretty nasty looking. In my opinion you should reach out to Lost Vape with those pictures. If you have soldering skills, you might want to reach out to the Evolv Help Desk instead (link in my signature line) and see if they might have an LV 510 connector for that mod they can send you.

Good luck.

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2 часа назад, Wayneo сказал:

Это довольно неприятно выглядит. На мой взгляд, вам следует обратиться к Lost Vape с этими фотографиями. Если у вас есть навыки пайки, вы можете обратиться в службу поддержки Evolv (ссылка в моей подписи) и посмотреть, есть ли у них разъем LV 510 для этого мода, который они могут вам прислать.


Thank you for your answers :)

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It looks like that black piece on the 510 connector is burned away. I could be wrong. But if you can clean everything up and resolder a new wire to the 510 positive under the cap you can get it working as is. 

That black plastic piece is probably there to stop juice ingress to the board. That other wire can be soldered anywhere on the outer SS body, just score (rough up the area) beforehand as it's a pain to solder SS. 

Edit: I cleaned up my wording and removed wire colors as I am not sure what was where.

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