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Dna 100 c show Tc temperature by pressing fire

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I think what you are looking for is the 'update while firing' option. You can search ↗️ that phrase for answers in the past. Below is post where I talked about it clearly. It is CPU intensive and you will probably need to modify your current theme to show that.


All 'Dominant' did on the B&W mods was show the 'Temp Set' in Large to make it easier to adjust by temp, not watts.
I have had to move this post to the proper area, out of the 'Reflex' area.
I have deleted that DM you sent me without reading it. You don't need to do that.


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So it's not like the dna 75 which has an easy setting.
 Didn't Evolv implement dynamic temperature in the DNA 100? 
I spent a lot of money and I don't even have a basic function that everyone implements?
 Have removed the function of the dna 75 to display the dynamic temperature?
 but do you really mean?
So you can't buy the dna 100 they are unusable for temperature control. 
 there is no dynamic Temp, There is no tcr setting. 
In practice is  better the very old chip dna75 that work so good? 
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All color mods can show/implement dynamic temperature OR ANY FIELD YOU WANT. It is just not a feature of the Evolv default theme. IMHO it is a relatively trivial update by clicking that one option to enable it, or find a theme that already does.

All color mods do temperature control very very well. There IS tcr setting via escribe. 

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Actually, I tried 10 themes with the most downloads,
 none implement this feature. instead of telling me it's easy, 
Can write to me  a theme that does it pls? i looked at about 30 of them no one was talking about dynamic temperature. it will be simple for you but for all those who did the themes they didn't put the dynamic temperature default setting even in arctic fox with my Pico and my dna 75. you could pass the case to the Evolv engineers I can't believe it...
thank you best regards Gianluca C.
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39 minutes ago, Gianluca Italia said:

... Can write to me a theme that does it pls?  ... and my dna 75. you could pass the case to the Evolv engineers

NO, but you can take all your complaints there yourself at their Help Desk. Click the link in my signature line.

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I created a menu where I manage the functions of the Tc for vape in mtl.
 the temperature menu allows you to: see the maximum temperature of the vape ( so near to dynamic ), 
set the watts and read the coil with the measure command and see the ohms. now i m happy. i post my perfect theme.



Theme created to improve the experience of using the lost vape dna 100 c.

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On 4/8/2023 at 1:19 AM, Gianluca Italia said:

can you know only 1 themes that show a dynamic temp? pls write to me? if the box no do this i return to seller . is no good for my experience.

In the Pro Vapers theme  enter the Puff Info menu and select the Live Info option. Now all the information like temperature, power, ohms will be shown to you live during the fire.

Simple bold and Portrait versions Setting > Puff info > Live Puff
Other versions : Setting > Live info



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