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burning through coils too quickly in replay mode

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I've been trying to use replay mode with my valyrian 3 tank. I've been using the UN-2 coils, which are SS316, but I'm having trouble getting them to last more than a week before that start getting burnt.

I'm new to evolv and the DNA board, so any help with these would be appreciated.

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On 3/10/2023 at 5:36 PM, ViileVillain said:

When I first got the device, I used it almost exclusively in replay mode. I'd only get about a week's worth of usage out of a coil before it develop a burnt flavor.

When I used stock coils rather than rebuildables many moons ago I would of loved to of got anywhere near a weeks vaping out of them rather than the two or three day norm, seems like Replay is helping with longevity! 

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