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Reprogram a DNA chip Temp Control @ 100 degree F

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I am doing research into atomizers, and I need to build a device that will maintain 100 degree F.

I'm going to have to build my own device to do this, and I was thinking of using a DNA chip to do so.

DNA chips are able to put out as little as 1 watt. Which is a low enough value to heat a coil to only 100degree F. So I'm confident that the DNA chip is capable of producing the low temperatures I want it too, but can it use Temperature Control to maintain those temperatures while its being used?

The DNA chips all quote a minimum temp of 200 degree F.

Can I modify a DNA chip to make that minimum value even lower, to 100 degree F?

I see you can use a MICO USB cable to connect to some of these chips. Could I just connect my computer to the chip, and then just modify a few lines of code to allow 100 degree F temp control? Can I just modify the software?

If not why?

Is there another chip that can do so?
Is it possible to build a chip that fulfills this purpose?



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Lower than 200°F will most likely be a firmware mod request to Evolv. It's probably easy for them since they have the proprietary source code. Keep in mind, with temperature control, you must use a non-resistance heater. For vaping, this is usually Ni200 (nickel), Titanium, or Stainless Steel. If you use a resistive heater like Kanthal or nichrome, it won't work under temperature control.

So how long do you want to maintain 100°F for? Normally vape boards only fire for a maximum of 10 seconds or so. Some DNA boards with the latest firmware can use Session mode. This mode it will fire as long as you want. Not sure if there is a max time limit.

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30 minutes ago, Hill-Billy-Huck said:

10 seconds should be adequate, the longer the better tho. "Session mode" would be great, but not mandatory.

Is there a way I could obtain the source code to modify the firmware myself?

I seriously doubt they will ever release the source code. Because once that happens, there will likely be many clone DNA boards floating around. And that is how IBM lost the PC market. Their firmware (BIOS) was reversed engineered.


27 minutes ago, Hill-Billy-Huck said:

How does "preheat mode" work? Can pre heat mode be temperature controlled? If so, that would be adequate.

So, can I use preheat mode, to set the coil to 100 degrees, and leave it at that temp?

Preheat can be set between 200°F to 600°F, but it fades out after the start. So I don't see this working out for you.

There is a set temperature command through the serial port. But I don't know if it will accept outside of the range of 200°F to 600°F?

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5 hours ago, Hill-Billy-Huck said:

I am doing research into atomizers, and I need to build a device that will maintain 100 degree F.

Is this for checking resistance? If so, EScribe (DNA software) has an atomizer analyzer. And it will run it as long as you want. It displays the live resistance without firing. It does warm up the coil slightly. Probably not as high as 100°F, but it might.

This also might be helpful... I tried 1 watt under temperature control (TC) a few months back. I forget why I tried this, but it wasn't doing what the DNA expected and it kicked out of TC mode every time. I had to get above 5 watts before it was happy enough and stayed in TC. You might run into the same problem trying to do TC at 100°F with any board.

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