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Feature request: Watt Mode - Boots Curve


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First of all the DNA ist the best thing i ever vaped.

But since i came from Arctic Fox i miss a little nice feature, the possibility to draw custom preheat curves.I know there is boost but its not really fine tunable.

For Temperature sensing im able to set my curves like i want, so please enable something like that for pure watt mode. A simple preheat curve to set a timebased Boost curve with the possibility to set also a reboost timer.

Keep in Mind, if you push the fire button the Temperature of the coil raises over time with the given Wattage. So if i know my coil and im able to set wattage depending on time and im able to keep the temp similar to temp mode.

Maybe i set 50W, i would start with 75W for 0.5sec and if i normally vape 2-5Sec long i would end at around 45W to keep the temp evenly. Also if i refire after a second it wont go up to 75W if i set the reboost timer to 3 Seconds.

A while ago i recommended this feature via support ticket but nothing had changed, i doubt its complicated to implement and since most of the people i know simply vaping watt mode there is no really reason for a DNA mod.

With this feature there is the ONE very important reason which will make a DNA mod unique for the watt vapers. Let me explain: my dna 75c has to be replaced with a new one and i find me searching again for some stupid old cheap mods which are able to run arctic fox or red panda.Since i REALLY miss that feature. But for real i don`t want go back to 2015 i want to stay in the future DNA is future.

So please add a Simple diagram with watt and time to set a curve for boost and a reboost timer

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Don't forget that Geekvape also has VPC (variable power control) too. Where you can preset the wattage for every half of a second of a puff. Yihi also has something better, called Smart Curves (SXi-EQ). Instead of setting the curve to power values, the curve adjusts by percentage of the wattage or temperature setting (50% to 150%).

What's odd is no matter how fascinating and fun all of these things are to play with. 99% is my guess of wattage only vapers still only use straight wattage mode even though they can change it with some mods.

I have to admit, I've played a lot around with Arctic Fox, VPC, and SXi-EQ. And maybe because I am mostly a chain vaper, the best flavor for me is 40% to 60% of the recommended power without any curves and just chain vape away. This results in say a starting temp of like 350°F and it curves to 450°F for every puff. As certain flavor notes pop out at certain temperatures. Too high or too low and you won't taste them. So when you curve through the temperatures, you taste them all.

You seem to want to keep the temperature constant in wattage mode by adjusting the power on a graph for each puff. This is what many TC vapers setup to do. I did too in the beginning, but I found you get a better flavor by ramping through temperatures like straight power mode does. And it is easy to setup TC to vape just like power mode by curving through the temperatures.

If you too try this and like it better, then all of those power curves are useless. Since the coil normally starts cold and gets warmer during your puff anyway. Coils and attys also play a big role. Ones that cools down the fastest seems to work best with curving through the temperatures and/or for chain vaping. Let me know what you think.

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