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Boost Punch up to 22


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4 hours ago, Wayneo said:

Need to see a picture of that.
What theme, firmware, and board type (verifying it's a 250C) on that mod?

I noticed it on a custom theme I made myself but I've checked several popular themes and it's the same on all of them.

Lost Vape Official Theme, downloaded from their website (picture below).
All other themes I've checked (Gauges, Material-ish Fire, ProVapers LED) go up to 22 too.
Most themes have a gauge rather than a number, but the gauges go from empty to full in 22 clicks.

Maybe this is normal, it just struck me as strange as everything I've read talks about the Boost / Punch going up to 11, and the Escribe software only goes up to 11.




Escribe version is:


Device is Lost Vape Thelema, DNA250C
version is:


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