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Odin DNA 75c Help with Replay Mode on Escribe

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Hello Everybody,

                           I'm hoping that somebody has the patience to help me as I am not very adept at the escribe software.  I recently connected my Odin 75c to the software and had issues when installing a new service pack.  Long story short, I now have an issue whereby when I am in wattage mode I do not have the option to save my puff (replay mode). 

When connecting the device to the computer and running the software I have "use replay mode" on the correct profiles.  When I open up the theme designer I can see that one of the fields has an option for "can replay now" that brings up the toggle field for "save puff" & "cancel" & I have another field that allows for "replay" and when selected it will show "playing".


However, I can't get either the can replay now or replay fields to stay permanently on the main screen.  When I click "apply" none of those changes stay.


Any help would be appreciated thanks.


**EDIT** I got it to work in the end by downloading the international version of the software instead of the US version.  No idea why that helped, probably just me being lucky.

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Fixed Problem
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