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the "warmth" option in the "replay" mode ??


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For example, if you set 30 watts and click "SAVE" after several puffs, the mod will need more power than 30 watts to reproduce the puff with a cold coil and/or more liquid. Due to the previous setting, however, the output power remains limited to 30 watts. This is where "warmth" comes into play and provides more power. The individual steps depend on the set wattage. I like to be in control myself and this function seems very unpredictable to me (!!!), so I modified my themes so that I can change the set (maximum) power directly also when replaying.

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vor 33 Minuten schrieb CryptoBrad89:

Silly question, but Im fairly new to using replay and a 250c chipset.

how and where do you go to set your theme to show the max power?

I have the mac program but its feature rich and hard to find.

When it comes to creating your own theme - or modifying an existing theme - it makes no difference whether the Theme Designer runs on Windows or Mac (I worked on Windows myself until half a year ago before I switched to Apple).

It is actually too comprehensive to describe the necessary steps here, as there are too many variants on how this can be implemented.

It is standard in my existing themes (in the download area) that the applied power is displayed after the puff in replay mode. By highlighting the displayed power, the maximum possible power is displayed and can also be adjusted.

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