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monitor data different from the box


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Printscreens that show the full data(I don't mean they have to be enabled) are always much better than just that view you posted. That 190°C you see in Red is probably your 'Temperature Set' value, which is on the left hand side of the screen.

On your box/mod, I believe those 2 values on the right hand side (watts and temp) are the averages for that puff.

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Of course, that is completely true. On your box/mod puff info screen, left value is recorded puff energy and right value is recorded puff temperature. you can find more puff logs info by pressing MORE button in bottom of puff info screen. Also, for more information and more explanations, you can download and read the pro vapers theme manual. 




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7 hours ago, ZebOctets said:

Yes, I have already read the manual, several times😅, it is super well done👍
but with the translation into French I do not understand if the box gives an average or the exact temperature what a measurement.

I also use translation.

In my opinion, the average temperature is displayed in the box. Also, on the second page, the peak value displays the highest temperature. 

@Wayneo What do you think? is it correct?

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