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3d models for chipset?


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does anyone have a 3d model of the DNA100 color chipset? I am doing a mock up for a custom build in sketchup and i would love to just plop a lego brick in the exact size of the board into my mockup to see if everything lines up.

my plan is to make a 21700 with an adafruit QI charger piggybacking on the usb-c 

I have a lot of time on my hands right now, clearly :)

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53 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

Stealthvape in the UK has an engineering diagram of the board with measurements in mm. I don't remember if they have a step file.

The board can charge at 1.5A or 3A and IIRC the adafruit is only 1A output

I'm going to look into that more. Qi can do 10w @ 5v, so 2a.  i need to read the spec sheet and look into that, the adafruit is too low, youre right, thank you for catching that.
also thank you for the schematic info on the stealthvape stuff. Im working in metric for this application.

so yeah i saw the thing about 1.5 and 3A, these are good questions and will dictate the battery used... ideally, i want to wire the QI into the load balancer on the DNA. I was also looking at the 200 also, as it has all the load pinouts on the bottom, but isnt usb-c, and i want that becasue usb-c is so much better a form factor. if there was anyway to get it to go PD mode so you could turn your vape battery into an emergency charger for a cell phone, thousands of wooks every year would finally be able to find their buddy at the festival.

I am new to the vaping world, but have a strong backround doing other similar things. i am excited to see how this project turns out. thank you for your attention to those details, and the information you provided. I will load that into sketchup and load a cross section of my design, as well as find me a good simulator to test these circuits if I am indeed able to figure all this out. thank you for the help.


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All 2xx series boards have balance charging as they must be wired serially. The 250C already includes an 'on-the-go' aka powerbank feature for emergency charging. Maximum input voltage of 16.8V.

The 100C must be wired in a parallel fashion with a maximum input voltage of 4.2V so no balance charging.

Here are the board datasheets. Use the 75C sheet for the 100C (but not the dimensions)


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