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How to create (fading active time) config on the mod?

Droid Kung

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Hello there guys and girls ive been struggling to find how to create a setting on my theme, so I can edit on the mod the  (fading active time), has anyone done this in the past? Is it even possible? Is there any available theme with it?.

I really don't want to waste your time with my stuff, if you know a theme with it, just let me know please, so I can redo it on mine.

Thank you in advance


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1 hora atrás, Wayneo disse:

No to all your questions. But there are 3 stealth levels.

Thank you Wayneo.

Yes I know, and I do use the full stealth mode regularly, in fact , I will take the opportunity if you don't mind to answer yet another question, I believe I already know the Answer but hey it doesn't hurt to ask.

What about Battery loaded profiles? Is it possible to change them in the mod? You know I have 40T´s P42a´s etc. and I do have the profiles loaded , but without the ability to interchange them on the mod I end up sticking to the 40T´S 

any hope ?

What about sugestions to the dev team is it possible? im a noob sorry for my questions I just arrived.

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  • Wayneo changed the title to How to create (fading active time) config on the mod?

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