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SS316L profile


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Does anyone have a temperature accurate profile for SS316L that they could provide?

Per this video, the DNA 75C temp control is inaccurate and I'm looking for the profile that the creator of the video (DJLsb Vapes) said they would provide (website is no longer working).  Does anyone know where to find the Profile he mentions for SS316L ?  Or one that is accurate for SS316L ?  Thank you all in advance.


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Thank you!  What should I select in Steam-Engine if I'm using the Vandy 150 Mesh SS316L on an RDA?  (this stuff - https://www.elementvape.com/vandy-vape-mesh-wire-spools-5-feet)  Would I select Single Wire then change to Ribbon?  What are the dimensions under where it says ribbon?  Is that Length by Width?



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