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Tunn B

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hi every one! i am billetbox user and am using your dna60 chip. Recently, my computer has encountered dozens of problems about something that I am trying to fix but cannot, specifically error: ERROR UP TO CONTINUE. like i sent you pictures. I have also consulted a few places, some friends use dna60 chips but no one has had the same error as me, and I have also updated your fw. But in the end it still didn't get rid of the error. I hope this pls of mine reaches you and helps me


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Man, we need more relevant information.

  • What are you doing shortly before this error comes up?
  • What happens when you press the up key (right hand one)?
  • What do you do to get the error to go away? or what have you tried? 
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  • Wayneo changed the title to ERROR UP TO CONTINUE on DNA60

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