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Is there any autofire ‘programs’ that can be run with the DNA 100c?


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I’ve watched a video of someone using a eleaf pico 75w mod in autofire mode. It also showed the temperature climb in real-time on the screen. 

Is there any program that can be used to emulate/replicate or copy this function on the DNA 100C? If so where can I find it?


thank you 

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I'm familiar with the Pico 75W. But I don't recall an autofire. Is this using the ArcticFox software or stock? And briefly, what does it do?

All DNAs in TC mode will update the temperature readout in real time. To see it in real time as a graph, requires EScribe's Device Manager. Is this what you mean?

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Thanks BillW50 

Yeah I do recall that it was a Arctic Fox firmware mod.
I could be wrong but I believe the autofire allows you to just press the fire button once without the need to hold it down while the coil heats up.
I’m waiting on a new atomiser from Divine Tribe (DC Gen 2) and this autofire mode would be great for it. 

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