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Are DNA60 chips in Authentic & SXK Billetbox the same?


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Someone in my country, "wholeheartedly believe" that apart from the factory setting of Authentic Billetbox's DNA60 and some wiring structure inside the devices that are different, there are 2 versions of DNA60 chip including

1. the better grade of DNA60 for Authentic Billetbox

2. the cheap grade of DNA60 for SXK version.

By the way, in my point of view I think that DNA chips have the standard, so I think that all DNA60 should be the same.

Is it true that there might be various grade of DNA Chip?




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27 minutes ago, dwcraig1 said:

Personally I wouldn't buy a DNA60 mod that wasn't EScribe capable.

One thing that keep making me unclear about this is that original Billetbox hard to connect with escribe unless dismantling. 


And for sure I also want to look at the file setting in it, because so many people keep believing that between original and sxk version, they perform differently.

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