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  1. Okay that's my bad 😂 ,so sorry that I overlook the sentences. (My gosh, I'm so embarrassed) For the questions, of course, yes I have just bought secondhand HCigar VT Inbox DNA75. It should be arrived tomorrow.
  2. Of course, it's DNA250c, it is not black and white.
  3. Okay thanks a lot Wayneo. ☺️ I'll try it again when I can. I do own the colour screen. it's Dovpo Riva 250c as I mentioned.
  4. Thanks for the replying Wayneo It's 24.24 F as you can see in the screenshot. It is the result I got after the case analyzing What I meant for 84F is that when I start the case analyzer, I have to put in the room temperature right? So it is usually around 28-32 celsius in Thailand. That's why I have to put 84F when I started the case analyzer.
  5. I have tried to run the case analyzer, and the result is below as you can see below. The thing is when I click to upload it to Dovpo Riva DNA250c There were the alert popped up saying "Case Static Temperature Rise is very high, and may be wrong. To change Thermal settings such as Case Static Temperature Rise, go to the Mod Tab. Program as is?" For more information, just to be more clear on the factor, I have set the Fahrenheit to around 84°F as I live in Thailand, the country where the normal temperature is hotter than Europe. 1.Is there anything wrong with my case analyzing? Anyway, I also have other 2 questions about the escribe and TC. 2. Do case analyzing and battery analyzing effect that much on the accuracy of the temperature control? 3. Also in the theme section what is the different between "Coil cold Ohms" and "Coil cold Ohms at 70°F? Edited: My bad i put this post in the wrong forum, I have to apologise to you guys Admins.
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