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DNA200 won't wake up from deep sleep


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I know my device is old and probably cannot do RMA, however would like to know if possible how to fix it.

The board works normally, but after the idle time (configured at 180s now, as that is the maximum) is reached, the device won't turn back on.

If I connect the USB cable won't detect the device.

It works again if i disconnect the battery and reconnect, two times. Then it turns back on and i can vape again for 3 minutes at a time.

I have took apart the mod, rewired the connectors... still nothing. It might be something fixable with a service pack for another DNA board?





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Wow! Nobody said anything yet? You can try installing older and newer firmware for the DNA200 (Tools -> Apply Service Pack). Some may be all ready on your computer.  But I don't think it will help at all. Don't install anything except for the DNA200. Also what model is this mod? As some have an extra board like the HCigar VT133. Also what kind of batteries does the mod use? Lipo, two 18650, three 18650, etc.

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