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Flawless DNA250 Blank Screen Issues

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I have a Tuglyfe DNA250 by Flawless Vape and I am having some screen issues that I hope someone can help me with because this is driving me crazy... About 6 weeks ago the screen on the vape in question started going dim until after a few days it was black and wouldn't display anymore. So I bought a new 250 screen and installed it to see that I had a nice bright display again but my install was a little bit tilted so I opened it back up tried to reseat the screen then buttoned it back up.  The screen was black and after connecting it to escribe it showed everything was working and I wasn't in stealth or anything so I figured I pinched the screen and screwed the pooch.  So I got another one and this time with a bit softer touch had everything installed nice and straight looking great.  I vaped it for about a week until tonight wanting to show my GF why DNA's are so bad ass with escribe and what not hooked it up and logged in.  After doing this the screen was frozen and wouldn't respond to anything.  So I shut it off and booted it back up but now the screen is blank and will not display anything no matter what I do.  All the commands can be tracked via escribe as I'm pressing buttons to confirm if locked/unlocked stealth/no stealth but nothing I do brings the screen back =/.  Is my mod blowing out screens somehow? I don't know what to do

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