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Cannot apply 100c firmware


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I am running Escribe on a Mac. I updated to 2.0 sp30.5 and connected to my Hyperion DNA 100C. It shows "Evolve DNA 100 Color connected on USB" in the top right corner of Escribe.  When I go to Tools -> Apply Service Pack, I get the pop-up window listing Service Packs, but in this screen the DNA 100C is not listed. I see all the other models, but not the 100C. 

When I use the device monitor I see the current firmware is 1.1 SP45 INT. I am in the US and downloaded the US Service pack of Evolve SP30.5.  It seems the firmware is the original INT from the factory. 

How can I upgrade? Is something wrong with my setup? Can I download the individual model files somewhere so I can manually open them in the 'Apply Service Pack' screen?

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Running the US version is crippled compared to the INT version. The SP45.1 INT is the latest as shown in device monitor.
I'm on a Mac and suggest you download the INT version.
Edit: If you don't see the 100C listed with the INT version post a printscreen of that window

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On 11/20/2021 at 1:50 PM, Wayneo said:

The SP45.1 INT is the latest as shown in device monitor.

@WayneoCan you please post a link to SP45.1 INT?

I'm only finding the 2.0 SP30.5 as being the latest, in the Early Firmware and EScribe Suite thread.

@Dobber - I'm on a M1 Mac running the latest macOS. I just connected and worked with multiple Hyperion (100C) units, mostly successfully. I only see the Firmware issue when I try to hide a profile (EScribe > General tab). As you, I'm also seeing no 100C option in the Apply Service Pack menu.  

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