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DNA 100c - Max Output Current & Watts

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I just loaded my Hyperion into eScribe and noticed that the default Max Input Current is set to 35A and Peaks at 40A. But the Max Output Current is limited at 30A Peaks/Sustained.
So if you vape at 90 watts continuous you can have only 10 watts headroom (at max) when using Watts Boost profile.
I tried to change the Output Peaks to 35A (the batteries can handle that easily), while keeping the sustained at 30A. So I can have a bit more room for the Boost function. But anything I enter higher than 30A it just doesn't accept it. At the same time I can put whatever Amps limit for the input current. That's doesn't make sense to me.
I'm just looking to get the Boost to reach 110~115 while still vaping at 85~90 watts continuous. 
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It is my understanding is with the DNA 100C, 100 watts is it. Whether it is continuous and/or boost.

Even with a fully charged battery and say under a 30A load, the battery sag never drops below 4.0v. That means the battery can deliver 120 watts (30A * 4v). But the board will still not deliver more than 100 watts. And remember there is a fuse on the board. If you exceed the current rating it will blow. So that is another problem. Just because the battery can handle more than 100 watts, doesn't mean everything else can.

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