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DNA250 battery drops from about 85% to 65% while in sleep mode


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Good evening all,

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this.  I have a DNA250 (non-color) that when I use the mod from 100% battery, when I get down to around 85% through the day, lock the mod and it enters sleep mode, when I wake it up, it is at 65% battery.  It doesn't seem to affect battery life, as from 65% down, it seems to drop slower than normal.  

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Yes I am sure some have. The accuracy of the battery percentage depends greatly on the watt hour setting (you can change it in EScribe [advanced or manufacture interface works]). Knowing zilch about your mod, it could be using the defaults. Plus there is a Watt-Hour Calculator that you can use in EScribe to insert the watt hours. The watt hours will change if you use different capacity cells or of course as the cells age and can't hold as much.

Another way which is more complicated, but more accurate would be running the Battery Analyzer (also within EScribe). But changing the cells or as they age still means the accuracy will be off again.

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