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VTC6A and VTC5D 18650


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They are different depending on each board. From lower to higher in this order. 200, 250, 250C. Usually page 1 or 2 on the datasheet for each board. Your mod probably has the evolv defaults configured.
For battery specifics you should use Mooch's ratings/testings.

Edited: You were talking battery specs, I was answering board specs. 🙄
I've moved this post from the 'DNA 200 and 250' section to the 'Batteries and Charging' section.

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15 hours ago, gnrrico said:

I've already done a lot of research but it's the jungle.     I have a lot of trouble understanding the results of Mr Mooch's

I would follow Mooch's CDR rating, not the manufacturer rating.
BUT if you're going to be using 2 different batteries with different amperage ratings you decide what value to use. Do you use the higher rating and stress the lower rated battery or not. 
The 2.75v value for 'cell soft cutoff' is a decent value for both, even though I've seen a 2.3v 'fully discharged' value for some batteries.

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