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You’re welcome lost vape 😜


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Hi guys,
Just thought I would share my little Saturday project with you. I never liked the cheap ugly red looking leather on this mod from day one. Didn’t look, feel or smell like leather and the color was just hideous. Now she’s sporting top grain premium distressed leather. Soft and luxurious, like the manufacturer claims. You’re welcome Lost Vape!  4FE4605A-01E1-4195-AFFC-D879F5A1B174.thumb.jpeg.d8fe517bef58427f60b19163992c9fbc.jpegDCB656D0-178E-4EC5-BD47-68A8F68E64A2.thumb.jpeg.99cf08a8af2b8d1a50d0ed3e8612aacf.jpeg542615CB-EEB4-4276-9E46-A443975EAD71.thumb.jpeg.76e38217c30933e44ecd00482b79e842.jpegCE34A543-5B70-4FFB-99B2-FFC2A5CC6B30.thumb.jpeg.ece82af0e57c95993d3b82400d7122ee.jpeg

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