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  1. Hi guys,Just thought I would share my little Saturday project with you. I never liked the cheap ugly red looking leather on this mod from day one. Didn’t look, feel or smell like leather and the color was just hideous. Now she’s sporting top grain premium distressed leather. Soft and luxurious, like the manufacturer claims. You’re welcome Lost Vape!
  2. Yes temp control works great now 👍. The check battery warning went away on watt boost as well. I have been reading post from this forum and learning, I thought these theme downloads were visual effects (screens) only, well I now know that’s not always the case. One thing I forgot to mention was a firmware update that immediately popped up when the device communicated with escribe. That update could be responsible for some setting changes, don’t know. For some reason it thought I had more than 2 batteries. I need to become more familiar with escribe before I use it again. I don’t think it’s something I should mess around with without the proper knowledge. I could have caused these issues inadvertently. 😱
  3. Good lord now it works. The dubious coil change fixed it. You know I can’t thank you enough. What a burden lifted ! now that it’s working i love the replay feature. I’m so glad I purchased this dna mod. Almost every mod is good in regular watt mode but I now see the difference in DNA , even temp control works correctly now. I thought the aegis x was great in TC mode until now. Once again glad I bought this Centaurus! I have purchased cheaper mods before and this is my first really nice one. I can’t thank you enough for helping me. Now that I can run TC and replay on it I can’t put it down. Again, thank you sir and take care!
  4. Odd thing now is… when I run the crazy thing in watt boost @ 60 watts I get “ temp protect” alarm. Reg watts mode is fine. No alarm there . Hmmmmm weird.
  5. Hello all, I recently purchased an lost vape Centaurus dna 250. I’ve heard so much about escribe I downloaded to pc and checked it out. I didn’t change anything but the theme. Loaded this cool looking theme from Badger for the Centaurus called “ blue” . I’ve never messed with temp control until I bought a aegis x mod and it works great on the aegis. I love the new lost vape, it screams high end quality and the dna250c menu is so easy to navigate. The dna250c is also smooth power and precise. DNA also screams high quality. Yet the aegis works flawlessly in temp mode and My new Centaurus doesn’t work at all in temp or replay. Puff save doesn’t show up and in TC mode there is no throttling at all. It’s as if I’m still in watt mode. Now here’s the thing. I didn’t try the Centaurus in temp mode before changing the theme in escribe , so did it work out of the box ? Don’t know. Did I inadvertently change something in escribe to muck it up or did the theme cause the issues? Again, don’t know. All I do know is that I love my new Centaurus but I’m very upset and frustrated with it right for not working properly. Today I wanted to smash it with a hammer , and I know it’s probably not the mod or the DNA250C chip. It’s most likely me not knowing what The heck I’m doing. That’s what you guys are for. You all DO know what your doing lol. My current build is double coil ss316L spaced at .36 ohms. I call upon you dna gods to guide me through these difficult times and help me if you may. Thanks in advance and As always, I appreciate any advice you may offer 🙏
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