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Inverted color on Therion dna75c

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Helo! I'm facing a problem with my therion 75c, the screen color is inverted, I put the odin theme and the skull turned green, the original theme is different too, where blue is white, the I've reversed the screen and the buttons and it didn't work, can someone help me? I apologize for the bad English!

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  • Wayneo changed the title to Inverted color on Therion dna75c
11 minutos atrás, Wayneo disse:

Can you see the entire screen, but ALL the colors are wrong, or is it like a thumbprint in the center?  

When did this start happening?

thank you so much for replying! it started after I tried to change the theme, it happens with all colors, green is pink and vice versa, black is white, everything is inverted

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14 minutos atrás, Wayneo disse:

I'd probably start escribe with mod connected.

Then 'Tools' -> 'Diagnostics' -> 'Reboot' -> 'Hard Reboot'

Then under 'Help' -> 'Backups' choose a backup to a known good time 

Let me know how that works

I'm going to do it here and see if anything changes, thank you very much for now!! I will do the tests

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