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Temp control

I have dna250 c using digital remix theme . I’m using a violater rta with 3.5mm triple core ss 28awg /36 ohming out to .26 . What the best way to set my temp control with digital remix theme for punch it uses temp not 1 through 11 so do i set my normal watts to 50 and set my preheat to like 350 and my base temp is 500 and under preheat should I raise it like 30 more watts from the 50 so like 80 watts . I find the original theme easier to use replay Bc you just set the watts and it does it for you . This theme you actually have to punch in all the preheats . Anyone with experience that could help me out thanks .[This what it looks like ](https://i.imgur.com/JbPra9d.jpg)


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The theme author can help you with the nuances of their theme. You can leave a comment or a review and they will be notified. 
Looking at your thoughts I see nothing out of the ordinary. Go ahead and adjust after a couple puffs to suit your preferences


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