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Odin Mini “died”


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Hey folks, need some help with DNA. 
Bought a Odin mini last week, but today, suddenly when I tried to use the mod and atty, it was hot and turned off. Since that, I can’t turn on the mod with battery only on PC (without battery). 
I didn’t did anything weird with the mod, just changed the battery, used the kit, and was riding. When I arrived at my girlfriend house, the mod was dead. 
Tried 3 different batteries on a Odin Mini but he still dead. 
Is there something I can do or just contact evolv / dovpo / seller?

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So it gets hot just throwing in a battery and doing nothing else, right? Sounds like the battery is getting hot when there shouldn't only a small ma drain. Thus that sounds like the positive battery wire is pinched somewhere shorting the battery out. They are easy to take apart if you want to go that route (see link below). It would be faster than shipping it to China or Evolv. Although Evolv would only deal with it if it is the fault of the board.



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