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a parallel of two fused on a replay, why doesn't it include replay? ss316 + ni80 one coil!

Djini Biba

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made one coil parallel from two multi standard fusion claptons one ss316 another nichrome 80.
.stim engene
chose parallel added 316 + ni80
But the replay is not even included!
He seems to work thermo then no.
I understand that the replay can be played on different materials.
Explain how to use different materials.?
And is the ss-core ni80 wrapper suitable for replay?



сделал один койл паралель из двух мульти стандарт фьюзд клэптон один ss316 другой нихром 80 .
.стим энжейн 
выбрал паралель добавил 316+ni80
Но реплей даже не включается !
Он вроде рабоатет термо то нет.
Я так понял реплей можно гонять на разных матерьялов .
ОбЪясните как на разных матерьялов изспользовать .?
И подойдут ли для реплея обертка от ss -ядро ni80?

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no, not a person, but it was a little, the taste was weak, even the tc worked a little. Yes, even on titanium, cotton wool burns (resistance jumped). But before that I smoked on 316 stainless steel, there were norms (more than less) on firmware 33, then switched to 38  and again the taste was gone. The theme of the cp (gauges) I measured the broadside admiral clone resistance (if I did the right thing, I clamped tightly the connector of that part separately until the very end that the last one gave out and left it! I need to finish it. I bought 6mm of copper and I'm waiting for the inhabitant  by measure.But 6mm is not enough, I did not find any more, for example 7mm (I needed it)

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I am only reading the answer to the question I asked. I knew your answer before you replied. Your answer was this.

4 hours ago, Djini Biba said:

it was a little, the taste was weak

My very first comment to you from back in August is still valid "That's a lot of mass you're trying to heat at only 31 watts" And why anyone would fuse 2 already fused claptons of dissimilar metals is beyond me. Your coil, I believe has hotspots in one of those 2 fused claptons which were probably not dry burned beforehand. Your 2nd puff, the res increased to .144, and your 3rd puff to only .122. See the flat red line on all 3 puffs, yeah, wasting time trying to heat the coil. But finally the temp rises to ~118°C on both your puffs. That's 244°F, and barely above the boiling point of water.

Yes Replay and TC will work with mixed metals. I just use all SS as the core wire, with a nichrome 40g wrap.

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