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Somewhat recently picked up an Odin 250c. I'm curious as to the functions of the boost and punch options when viewing the profiles in atomizer settings. Am also wondering about how the watt boost profile works.

Any help is much appreciated! 

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Themes are merely skins to escribe.
If you start escribe, while looking at the various Profiles, if you hover your mouse over many fields you will get the 'official' definitions.
Here's my 2 cents
Boost - Only used for any coil NOT in TC. Like a kanthal power curve, or preheating the coil. The term 'Preheat' is only used if you're talking TC
Punch - 1-11 value for extra power applied for 1 second
Watt Boost Profile -Profile that allows you to set/change/use the above.

DJLSB Vapes has some good Youtube videos

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So basically Watt Boost is just a profile with boost enabled, and when a profile has boost enabled, it allows for the punch setting to be adjusted between 1 and 11 (10 watt increments from what I've seen in escribe).  And so Punch is really just a term for the 1-11 increments. Yes? 

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I'd say proportional based on factors as opposed to incremental. And Yessir! You can use 'Device Monitor' with the power options enabled to see it clearer. If you put your mouse over a peak power and click, it will draw a vertical line with the relevant values. :D

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