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Resistance Confirmation \ Lock


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My board is ALWAYS asking me if I changes coils, even with subohm tanks with store bought built coils. It happens every time I change batteries for sure but every half hour otherwise. I have tried the res locked and unlocked (is the lock blue or black when it's locked?) I just updated to newest firmware, not sure if it's going to help, I sure hope it does. I built a mod for this board for my dad but there is no way he could use it having to read the screen and answer the pop quiz so often. 


Am I doing anything wrong? 



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To check whether locked or unlocked use EScribe to verify, make sure to choose the Profile that you are using. If you make a change on the mod via theme be sure to hit the "Connect and Downlod Settings" to see any changes.

The lock generally shows slightly open when unlocked but may be hard to see. This varies with different themes.

Constantly asking if new coil is normally an indication that the resistance has greatly changed. Use Atomizer Analyzer to determine the stability of your 510 connection, it s should be making  connection long before it bottoms out.  If it makes connection with the last 1/8 turn then you most likely found the problem.

Did the firmware update accomplish anything?

Locking should not be necessary under normal conditions. 


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Thanks bud, I didn't even think to check if it was locked in EScribe, great idea. I did check for updates but I'm already up to date. I am running a different theme, that's what is making it hard to tell if it's locked. I'll check out the 510 and see what it comes up with, it's a VT, they have been pretty good so far. 



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