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Can I use a extern USB-C charging module...

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Hello guys, 

currently I'm planning to build a custom mod with the DNA 75 board but i have a little question... 

I'm thinking about using an USB-C charging module but I'm not sure if using this instead of the on board micro USB charging would really work without breaking the DNA 75. Would you think or know , if  I can safely omit the micro USB and use an charging module witch is not part of the DNA 75? What side effects are to expect? 



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I know this is old but if I understand correctly you have a USB C charging module and want to connect it to the battery to charge it instead of using the onboard micro USB charge circuit. This would work. Just wire the module directly to the battery terminals but include a diode to block the flow of power to the DNA board. The diode will only allow energy to flow in one direction. It would flow into the battery but would not be able to flow back into the DNA board at the same time. 

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