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 I have written themes in two languages before. I do not know if this will work to reset a language on an exiting theme. If  this does work it might not change anything other than the text on labels. Other fields might have to be renamed manually. Then again it might work perfectly. If this does not work you will have to manually rename each field.

Try this, open the theme in theme designer. To do this click on the theme and click on "Edit". Look at the picture below. After selecting the language click the "Save" icon. Then select each screen from the screens at the right of display. Check the names, hopefully they changed to English. If this works please let me know, I have never tried it before.



Change Language, posted 20-0409.png

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В 09.04.2020 в 21:39, Jetro сказал:

This is the Save button.   Also no question is stupid, the only stupid question is one that is not asked.


2 save button, posted 20-0409.PNG

thank you for your help I was also looking for how to change the language and now thanks to you I can do it

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