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How do I remove "Hello" text permanently in condition field ?

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Is there a way to remove the default "Hello" text from a condition  permanently ? I can delete it, save, and upload to my DNA 250c and its gone,   but if I go to change something  and forget to remove it every time I upload again its right back to the blank spot I previously had,  its kind of annoying to look at and have to remember every time I'm doing something.  I think its just part of the theme designer itself to show where a location would be for a text so shouldn't be too hard but when you want it blank there needs to be an option to opt out of there being text, I understand its purpose but need to be able to get rid of it when not needed, whats the work around besides just non highlighted version of the in use text ? I made a theme I want to upload here but can't consider it finished when the hello text continues to reappear after reopening theme designer, as I prefer to have a blank than a dark version of the in use text  because to me it looks cleaner?


Thanks all,


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By default labels have to have text. If the text is deleted it will be restored when closing the theme. The default is "Hello". To get rid of the text completely delete the control (label). Is this example what you are talking about?     JT


delete control.PNG

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