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Will escribe work on Mac?


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I can’t get escribe to work on iMac .It shows the wattage curve and puff counter but not  able to adjust anything.

 I am at work and iMac is at home so I don’t know the name of the page that shows wattage curve,puff counter,etc...

 I had it working with windows xp but on my iMac I can’t change power,update software,etc....

  Does it work on Mac  products?

  I have a dna 75 in my hcigar inbox,black and white screen.


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Mac user here. Overall, yes it works. The more detail the better and a printscreen or two later.

How old is the iMac? What version OS? 
What version number of escribe?
How is it plugged into the iMac?

IF you want, you can skim through this thread, dedicated to Mac escribehttps://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68861-mac-escribe-suite-beta-thread/


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