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Status control messing up other controls conditions


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I have made a very simple screen with only 2 controls: A status and a picture than turns into a different picture when firing (which is enabled on the screen). Only the picture is and can be higlighted and an action on it goes back to parent screen.

This is the simpliest screen on my theme and its the only one acting anomalously:

With only the picture it works perfectly and it changes as I'm pressing the fire button.

But with the status control on the screen the picture won't turn back and remains in the isFiring condition even when the mod is not firing and the condition no longer met.

When I put a condition on the status to hide it while firing the picure turn back again, but it weirdly blinks everytime when it changes back and forth.  

This bug is really weird, such unrelated controls should not affect each other like this. A bug of this nature makes me worry there might be something seriously wrong.

Included the Theme where it happens. It's the hiding status making it blink, and also the *_Bug variant with a normal status that gets stuck.



(it's the Face screen, accessible from main screen's initial highlight, removing the status control in either variant makes the picture work correctly)

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Even weirder, when I dont put on an atomitzer to make it error, the error doesn't display at all on that screen when it should and makes the other image control stuck in invalid condiction again, even in that workaroud version.  

Is the status control allowed only on the main screen or what? So far it's so buggy on my Face screen that I have no other chance than to remove it. But then I couldn't see any errors if they happened... :(

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