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Add Condition Bug


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1) Have a complex condition selected in the "ThemeDesigner.Screen" (maybe works even with a simple one, didn't check) 

2) Click Add Condition 

3) Setup it differently and accept with OK.

4) The new condition is added corrently but the one that was slected previously would have it's settings also partially changed <- that is the bug.

It's kinda annoying to constantly repair those overriden condition that I dind't intent to change.  

Seems like when it chooses the same settings as default in the new condition, those settings are not copied but still as pointers to the original condition.


Also the Delete Control button is very very easy  to mistake for Delete Condition (especially if the latter is hidden with a scrollbar) and I've accidentaly deleted the entire control element numerous times. And the Ctrl+Z doesn't seem to always work to bring it back.

I think it should be made so it would be not so easy to click accidentally or make an "Are you sure" prompt. There can be a lot of content in the control element.

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