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Hana v4 conversion


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Screenshot_20191111-165528.thumb.png.653ba21bf9c8c33fbdc7e84f15257c3a.pngSo a couple years ago I swapped a dna 60 into a Hana v4. I got about 10k hit count and it started cutting out and making weird buzzing sound when firing. I stuck it in a drawer and ran my silo 75c. Fast forward to Saturday and my silo either got lost or stolen while we were in town getting groceries. I'll try posting a short video of device monitor while firing. I resoldered the power in and out connections, tried 3 different batteries that work well in other devices. I haven't Vaped over 45 watts for years, usually 37-40.



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Just did a couple screenshots from the video
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I've been messing around with my dvom, it has min-max capture. I'm starting to suspect the board. When device manager is showing input voltage is dropping to 3.11v, the dvom shows 3.744v at the opposite side of the solder holes as the wires are soldered.

I used to have either an extra 40 or 60 in a box of stuff somewhere, I'm going to try and find it and see if it works better.

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It's definitely a bad board. Unfortunately I must have stressed the ribbon cable in the change over, as it doesn't work. The mod I took the board from was a small screen. Flashed to regular firmware before hooking up the large screen, but it still doesn't work. The mod fires correctly at 50w, which is higher than I vape.  Also, unless the board totally resets to like brand new when you do the change from small to large, this mod was never used?????


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