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You probably just mean wallpaper.

Here's what YOU should do.
Go find a theme you like. When you're sure;
save that graphic just so you can see the dimensions of it.
Take an image you like and make it (shrink) the same as the above
Paste it into the theme (wallpaper at the OG location) of your choice, save, upload.

Keep the original in case you want to change the size.

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Welcome to the forum, as a small incentive I've made something simple for you:



You can modify it, share it, or keep it exclusively for yourself,
but remember what Wayneo wrote: "If you were to decide to publish it for others, just give credit to the original theme author."

Lockscreen.png mainscreen.pngmon.png


Another version with better displayed monitor in the Puff-Info-Screen, 
so the space for graphics is already at the end and there is little room for further changes ...

(my english is awful - translated by google)



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