Broken therion squonk and hcigar nanos

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I have a few older dna devices with issues that I never bothered getting fixed as needed to go to the states at the time. Is there  a uk solution. I have a couple of lost vape therion dna sqonks that work but get very hot and error messages. Also 2 dna hcigar nanos that get very hot when I use them even as a mtl device with say a nautilus.

Can these be fixed?  I know that ages ago I opened a ticket on evolve but sending to the states made it un cost effective.
Be good if they could be fixed as they are in excellent condition.  

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Stealthvape again is the place for LV warranty/repairs. You might get lucky and only have one parcel to send :relaxed:

For your Hcigar nano's, you ought to check all the connections are clean, solid, and tight. IIRC it was the negative wire(s). Or you could salvage the board and use in another enclosure. 

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