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Draw too tight Orion DNA Go


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Hi.  I just switch from a Smok AL85 to a Orion DNA Go.  With the Smok I had the wattage at 39 and the airflow wide open.  With the DNA Go I have the wattage at 22 and the airflow wide open but the draw is way too tight.  I am using freebase liquid in a .25 pod.  Is there a way to loosen up the draw without burning up the coil?  Thanks!

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There are new mesh pods out by both LV and another company. Your best bet would be to find reviews for those and hope they mention the airflow in comparison to your OG pod.

Airflow in an atty is one item that dictates how much wattage they can handle. I haven't heard of any user ways to increase the airlfow, like you can with some atty's.

It's a pod device. Welcome. 

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I also switched from the AL85 to the Orion DNA .25 pod, after reading other posts I found a few things.

1st - after you fill the pod straighten out a paper clip, insert it into the fill port, and spread out and poke the cotton, still don’t get the airflow like the AL85 but definitely better then stock.

2nd - Go to the LostVape website https://lostvape.com/upgrade-software/ and follow the instructions on installing eScribe Software and upgrade firmware to Orion Plus. 

I have been experimenting with different settings from others that have posted, the attached pics will show you what I currently have going. I have found that power of 10 boost of 3 and warmth of 3 seems to give the best flavor and hit feeling I have been looking for, still experimenting as I just got mine last week. 

I will attempt to attach 2 pics.

1 for the DL .25 Pod settings 

1 for the MTL .50 Pod settings

Hope this helps.

FYI the Power 8 boost 0 is what I use to prime a new pod per another persons post.



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