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3s lipo dying quickly


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Currently running a kraken DNA 250 with a 3s lipo 5200mah battery. Using the hive 40mm at .27ohm @100w. Battery dies roughly in about 6hrs. Not sure if this is normal, I would consider my self to be a constant vaper. Is this a normal to die so quickly? Currently in 7hrs at 55.5w @.25 ohms my battery is half dead.  Second image was taken as of time of post. 



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lipo batteries have a break in period - normally 6-10 full charges before the battery will perform as it should 

also the battery is not at 50% its reads 50% of use. All cells stop at 0% but the battery is set to cut off at 3.15 per cell so the dna chip can recharge 

Turnigy High Capacity 5200mAh 4S 12C     5200mah @ 12c = 62.4 amps 

dna 250 max amp use amps is 32 amps this battery has plenty of room 

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