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Laptop won't recognize device


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Yes. At first I downloaded the non-international one but after watching some youtube videos have seen that International is best so I downloaded and used that next. I plug my vape (Orion Lost Quest q) into my Acer laptop (which I got less than a month ago) and nothing pops up onto my laptop. I even searched the files and drives with no luck. The purple light on my vape is on when plugged in meaning it's charging it but otherwise nothing. What can I do?

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Nooo! So there's no way for me to fix the issues of the pod burning the same day I get a new one? This is such upsetting news... I just got this last month (and I traded it in for a different mod that was almost the same but you insert coil into bottom of pod because it was non-stop profusely leaking) because the one I had broke. I really just wanted something small like this but not like a pen. Probably too late to trade it in (again) for something else.

Thank you for your time and advice.

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