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Therion 166 USB broken.


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14 минуты назад, retird сказал:

You can replace the board....  https://www.evolvapor.com/shop

If you are really skilled in working on circuit boards, and the board is not damaged, I guess you could replace the usb connector....

Thanks for your reply. Well, the board is also pretty expensive. I had fully disassembled the mod, board is not damaged. Guess I actually can replace it, but i don't have equipment needed to do so. Anyway, i'll think of something. 

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31 минуту назад, retird сказал:

You might start a ticket with Evolv and explain what happened. Tell them you think the usb connector just needs to be replaced.  See what they say.  Also tell them the name of the mod and how long you have had it.  Here is the link....  https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1


Thanks for the advice.

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