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Protovapor DNA 75C


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I purchased a DNA 75C from Protovapor in March 2019.  I love the mod but this morning the screen is blacked out in the middle and it looks like I need a new screen. Mod works, but I can't see the settings.  I emailed Protovapor but haven't received a reply. By looking at the pictures enclosed it appears to be just 4 screws holding the rounded part of the case together. I'm not sure if removing them will open a can of worms or actually allow me to change the screen without screwing up the chip. Any suggestions will be helpful. I did send in a ticket. IMG_20190809_150650.thumb.jpg.39093d12bf55ddf3195a548caa2b63f4.jpgIMG_20190809_150659.thumb.jpg.d6393d668467b0063e2b47c491f49a3e.jpgIMG_20190809_150643.thumb.jpg.bccd8523f4e578bf46534df455dc29f0.jpg

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